If you are looking for a hosting provider for your website which MillerMultimedia has not created or would like a third party alternative to our exclusive hosting option, we recommend WP Engine.

Why WP Engine

WP Engine has some excellent capabilities:

  1. Servers optimized for WordPress Websites.
  2. Alerts when plugins need security updates.
  3. Great Support for their hosting services.
MillerMultimedia Hosting Our Approach

Difference between WP Engine and MillerMultimedia

WP Engine’s hosting solution is very similar to that of MillerMultimedia’s with a few differences:

  1. WP Engine does not perform software updates for your website as well as confirming that updates are not breaking parts of your site.
  2. WP Engine does not offer maintenance of your website’s content.
  3. You will be limited in regards to the number of domains you may use for a single website. Typically you are only allowed one domain.

You may still hire MillerMultimedia to manage your WP Engine hosted site both in regards to software and content.

MillerMultimedia Hosting What We Can do for You